Casting Off in the Community

The Club Executive working on the 2022 Fishing Calendar. Left to right – Club Captain Geoff Crandell, Club Vice President Gayle Rook and Club President Peter Savage

Residents in The Hills District are lucky enough to have a  vast variety of community organisations to join – one of which is The Arana Leagues Fishing Club.

It is of no surprise that the club has been ‘hooking up’ members in the sport of angling for nearly 45 years and is still going strong thanks to their variety of fishing trips. The club offers 14 opportunities to go fishing in the estuaries and on the islands of Southeast Queensland and Club members vote on a fishing calendar each year with were they would like to go.

There is also an internal competition put together for members based on a combination of points per fish and bonus points for the largest three fish in each species, so it is not always the angler with the most fish who wins the day, but often the angler with the most variety in their catch.  

However, it is not all about fishing , the club can be a great place to forge friendships and find companionships. One activity that is always popular amongst members is the annual trophy day which is a great social occasion held in March each year. Members get to reminisce on their successes, and those that got away! Prizes and trophies are also up for grabs based on members catches and there is the opportunity to win the annual Lucky Door Prize.

The club also has a great community ethos. Through their fund raising, they have the ability to subsidise members on some of their trips to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to fish some of the great locations in Southeast Queensland like Stradbroke, Moreton and Fraser Islands.

People from all walks of life are welcome at the Arana Leagues Fishing Club – whether you are male, female, a novice at fishing or an expert – everyone is welcome! Also age is no barrier too and Juniors and Seniors are welcomed! If you would like to join the club on a trip, please phone Club President Peter on 0448 784 387.

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