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Book of the Month

Book of the Month

500 Days of Forced Separation – Book of the Month

Today it’s Ukraine, thirty years ago it was Bosnia and Herzegovina. A devastating war destroying the country: homes in ruins, people in disbelief. Frightened mothers leaving their husbands, the fathers of their children, and departing in panic to save their children.  In May 1992 Edita Mujkić fled war-torn Sarajevo with two young children, in a borrowed car, with two bags... Read More

by katie , 1 month ago

Book of the Month

Just Nat: Life in the Fast Lane with Natalie Lowndes

Described by Ian Skippen as: ‘Just that—one woman’s race through life. Flat out down the straights and no backing off on the corners. From the back streets of Kallangur to the racetrack and outback, in ‘Just Nat’ beats a huge heart and soul.’ The book’s synopsis: For self-professed bogan, Natalie Lowndes, life centred around her brother until a shocking tragedy.... Read More

by katie , 5 months ago

Book of the Month, Newsfeed

Hitting Your Burnout? Here’s How to 180 That Issue

Burnout—the act of one reaching their all time low, over and over again, every day.  It is a term that is no stranger to anyone who has worked in the healthcare industry for an extended period of time. Let alone an entire decade, like Kristy Anne, a local nurse, author, and behavioural scientist. In her fresh-to-press second book, 30 Day... Read More

by katie , 6 months ago

Book of the Month

Cans For Change – Book of the Month

A super funny story about recycling that’ll help your boys get through the extended two weeks of school holidays! Synopsis: Daniel Jeffries knows cars. More importantly, he knows his dad’s car, a 1970 Ford XW Falcon GT, his dad’s pride and joy. Daniel helped restore it. But then his dad became obsessed with recycling. Now the GT is a GT... Read More

by katie , 7 months ago

Book of the Month

October’s Book of the Month!

In 2017, after living abroad and in Sydney for many years, author K. M. Steele, made the decision to return to Brisbane, and settle in the Hills district.  While teaching creative writing and English Literature is her day job, she continues to build on the success of her debut novel, Return to Tamarlin, published in 2014, and recently teamed up... Read More

by katie , 10 months ago

Book of the Month

All Cats are on the Autism Spectrum

In 2006, local author Kathy Hoopmann wrote All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome to great acclaim.   Since then it has been translated into nine languages and has sold close to 180,000 copies. Fast forward 15 years and although it was still selling well, the layout was dated and some of the text needing tweaking to represent current views and terminology. ... Read More

by Editorial Team , 12 months ago

Book of the Month

Ambo Tales From The Frontline

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as a paramedic?  Sure, you can watch the TV shows and get a taste for the role, but is that a true depiction of reality? Government institutions are by their very nature ‘risk averse’, and so footage that might suggest their staff are anything but consummate professionals tends to be edited... Read More

by Editorial Team , 1 year ago

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