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The Ibis- a Hero, not a Villain!

On a well-known radio station recently the presenter of the early afternoon show was discussing various topical issues of the day with a panel of guests. A report from Canada told of police arresting a man for feeding squirrels and the radio presenter and guests found this hilarious. One of the guests mentioned Brisbane’s Ibis population, saying that the bird... Read More

by katie , 3 weeks ago


A Civilised War?

With a terrible war now being waged in Ukraine and the apparent cruel futility of it, I recently allowed myself to ask the question ‘Can war ever become civilised’  Before I had a chance to determine the answer, I recollected asking that same question of my history teacher, many years ago. The question obviously came out of left field for... Read More

by katie , 1 month ago


Memory – What Memory

I spent over an hour the other day looking for my mobile. Frustrated, I searched my memory trying to recollect when and where I had last had it. I gave up in the end. It was only that wretched gadget’s sudden ringing that told me where it was. Increasingly of late, I have found myself murmuring ‘Where did I put... Read More

by katie , 2 months ago


A Tale of Two Ships

This is a tale of two ships. Unlike the Charles Dickens novel `A Tale of Two Cities `, this story is true but it has all of the novel’s intrigue and drama. Both ships were to play important but quite different roles in our Australian and Queensland history, yet these two vessels were inextricably linked due to a number of similarities.... Read More

by katie , 3 months ago



‘I’m a tram!’ said Sam. ‘I’m your line-dance ma’am. I move in the groove and clang when I Can-Can.’ D. F. When  Reverend W. Awdry, OBE, created Thomas the Tank Engine in the middle of World-War Two, many people thought it was in poor taste. While hundreds were dying every night from indiscriminate Nazi bombing and deadly London smogs, here... Read More

by katie , 4 months ago

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