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BCC Budget Deciphered

Baffled by budgets? Brisbane City Council have released their 2021-22 budget. It’s a lengthy read with over 1000 line- items bundled into a word document, making it difficult to get visibility of how it applies to the suburb you live in. So, through the wonders of excel spreadsheets and pivot tables, we’ve done some of the hard work for you. We found... Read More

by katie , 7 hours ago

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Helping Hands For Hoping Hearts

201Q3 District Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) Co-ordinator Kevin Hedges and Brisbane Bunya Lions Club President Kay Liddle recently made a delivery of numerous bags of groceries, handmade blankets and a cash donation to Picabeen Community Centre in Mitchelton.  Overall, the nearly $1,000 in goods and funds given are the result of tireless fundraising work by members of the Brisbane... Read More

by katie , 1 day ago

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Life on Land in action at Willmore Kindy

At Willmore Kindergarten, there is a strong belief that children learn in 100 languages or more, inspired by Loris Malaguzzi from Reggio Emilia. Here are some of the ways the children have been researching and thinking about trees. Since the beginning of the year, the educators have been talking and researching with the children about our earth and in particular... Read More

by Editorial Team , 2 days ago


Using your intuition to access funding

Barbara Brangan is passionate about purpose.  She is a grant consultant and an intuitive mentor. I have seen the magic she weaves for her clients using her intuition and recently she shared with me how you too can use intuition to have more success with grants. The Grants in Australia research report estimates that there is around $80 billion given... Read More

by katie , 5 days ago

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Calling all carnivores!

Meat eaters, do we have your attention?? Ever wondered how meat is MSA graded? Or just want some free steak on a Friday night? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Enoggera Scouts has the opportunity for you!  On Friday 27th August, Enoggera Scouts is hosting a meat tasting evening where you will be provided with free... Read More

by katie , 1 week ago


A Delightful Dictionary For Bowls

n 1986, a book titled ‘The Lawn Bowls Dictionary’ by Keith Dunstan was a book that became very popular and was reprinted the following three years. In today’s world, political correctness has changed lots of things that can be said and done. Keith Dunstan wrote a great book and I’d like to share some of it with readers this month.... Read More

by katie , 1 week ago

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How to Attract Bees to your Garden

What a disappointment! The July meeting of the Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club had to be cancelled to comply with COVID-19 regulations. Bob Luttrel’s talk on plants to attract bees couldn’t be given, but all is not lost, Bob has kindly agreed to be the guest speaker at the next meeting on Thursday 2nd September. The meeting will take place... Read More

by Editorial Team , 1 week ago


Fossicking Field Trip to Chinchilla ahead

The Mitchelton and Districts Gem Club is now operating on a sign in basis.  Workshop times on a Thursday are from 9am to noon for cutting and polishing of material and from noon to 3pm for Silversmithing. The Club has an annual field trip to the Chinchilla area for petrified wood. The petrified wood found in the Chinchilla area is... Read More

by katie , 1 week ago

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Rehoming Charity saving Gorgeous Greyhounds

You may know Greyhounds as racing dogs. Athletes.  You may have seen them running around the track at breakneck speeds, muzzles covering their faces. You may not know that Greyhounds are intelligent, gentle, affectionate dogs that make wonderful companions for adults and children. They enjoy being part of a family and after a short daily walk will happily laze away... Read More

by katie , 2 weeks ago

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Pick Porcelain for the Perfect Medium

At a recent monthly meeting we had an inspiring demonstration in the use of cold porcelain as a way to make our creations permanent.  Items made with fondant and other icing mediums tend to have a limited life and often people wish to keep these items as mementos. This product solves many of these issues and can be used to... Read More

by Editorial Team , 2 weeks ago

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