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Wellbeing Through Sound

Tuning forks when struck with a mallet or hockey puck produce a vibration or tone that is intended to relax the body, calm an over active mind and assist with deepening meditation, Biofield Tuning session or Sound Healing also known as Sound Therapy. During a Biofield Tuning or Sound session the body and field of the receiver (you) absorbs the... Read More

by Editorial Team , 2 months ago

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Never Touch Kitty Litter Again!

Cleaning out the litter tray is a reality for any cat owner; it is unpleasant, smelly and downright disgusting.  But for our cats’ health and hygiene, and our own, it is a burden all cat owners must endure. Global pet product expert PetSafe® Brand Australia brings you a product that saves you time; money and guarantees you will never have... Read More

by katie , 2 months ago

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Who needs a hand in The Hills?

Even with COVID-19 still rampaging across our nation, the demand for Australian tradesmen and handymen has shown no hint of easing. North Brisbane local, Len Herschell, grabbed hold of this knowledge and ran with it, making the wise decision to expand his already booming business—Hire A Hubby Ferny Hills—to cover our needs.  In terms of handyman requirements, Hire A Hubby... Read More

by katie , 8 months ago

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First Terrace Homes Launched At Ashford Residences, Everton Park

Mirvac has released the first collection of terrace homes at its $81 million Ashford Residences community at Everton Park.  In total, 50 per cent of the first 24 architecturally-designed three and four bedroom terrace homes have already been sold ahead of the official launch. These terrace homes range from a generous 164sqm to 218sqm and have been snapped up by... Read More

by katie , 9 months ago

Newsfeed, Small Business, Sponsored

Vegan Fever in the Hills

Calling all the vegans and health-nuts in Brisbane, The Vegan Cook is here to make your lifestyle that little bit cruisier—and not to mention, healthier! As the only vegan caterer/home delivery service in Brisbane, The Vegan Cook—the brain child of Lianne (owner)—has come to our neighbourhood’s rescue. Located in Everton Hills, it is just the place to venture to for healthy, pre-made dishes that will make... Read More

by Georgia Wright , 1 year ago

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Protect Your Home From Pests

Brisbane, the envy of most world cities with sunshine and warmth for most of the year. However, although us humans enjoy this sub-tropical climate, so do our household pests. Our warm weather provides the perfect breeding ground for cockroaches, ants, spiders, termites, plus many more household pests. If not controlled these critters can infest your home causing damage which in... Read More

by Editorial Team , 2 years ago

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