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War Chronicles from our Veterans – Edition 3

Lest We Forget! These simple words are spoken at ANZAC Day Commemorations every year. But how do we ensure that as a nation, we don’t forget the sacrifices of these ordinary men and women whose actions and experiences were extraordinary? This Story Australia is a charity dedicated to capturing and preserving the significant moments of Australia’s history as told by... Read More

by katie , 1 week ago

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Pine Hills Netball set for great season ahead!

After a shortened season in 2020, Pine Hills Netball Club is looking forward to getting back on the court in 2021 for a full season of winter fixtures.   Despite the disruption in 2020, over 90% of their players participated in the 9-week competition established by Downey Park Netball Association once restrictions had eased in the middle of the year.... Read More

by katie , 2 weeks ago

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Summer Challenges for Home Gardener

Summer has hit with a vengeance with high temperatures and little rain. However, the rain we received in mid-December was very welcome and did wonders for the Hills Organic Garden (HOG).  The cucumbers at HOG have just started producing along with zucchinis, however the tomatoes are really struggling. The beans, sweet potatoes and rosellas are doing well and hopefully a... Read More

by katie , 2 weeks ago

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Trams On Track For A Bonza New Year

What a year that was! Just when museums and galleries were gearing up for the new Roaring Twenties,  they were suddenly clobbered by Covid. Doors closed, events collapsed, and exhibits were mothballed in deep storage. Lock-down limbo was the new normal and dark clouds of despair descended like a cold wet blanket. Fast forward to the Silly Season and it’s... Read More

by katie , 4 weeks ago


You are invited to discover The Fernery

The team at Honeycombes have been humbled by the support from the greater Ferny Grove community over the last 7 years as extensive planning has been undertaken on its development of Ferny Grove Central adjoining the Ferny Grove train station. With a Development Approval imminent, interest from locals in purchasing a residence at The Fernery has been peaking in recent... Read More

by katie , 3 months ago


Celebrating 25 Years of Travel Inspirations!

The team at Helloworld Travel Eatons Hill are excited to be celebrating 25 years in business with owner Laurice Burke purchasing Harvey World Travel Albany Creek in October, 1995. The store has transitioned over time to Helloworld Travel Albany Creek and more recently in 2017 to our current location, Helloworld Travel Eatons Hill. One of the attributes which contributes to... Read More

by katie , 3 months ago

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Thriving Through Isolation

Social Isolation during a pandemic is about keeping you and the community physically safe, yet mental health during isolation can easily suffer. It’s as if the world has changed overnight, and we’ve all been forced to adjust to a new world of government restrictions, masks, sanitizer, and quarantine. But the problem is this: Human beings have long operated in communities... Read More

by katie , 4 months ago


More than Just a Hobby

At only 15 years of age, Paige Willis has achieved the outstanding feat of earning an Australian Scout Medallion!  As a resident of Upper Kedron and a member of Grovely-Mitchelton Scouts since 2013, Paige dedicates one night a week to showing her Scouts family what she’s made of—and she has no intention of quitting anytime soon.  According to Paige, the... Read More

by katie , 4 months ago

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