Channel Swimming Champions

Kenny Smith and Leah Tannock McGuire with their medals

On Saturday 23 February Samford local, Leah Tannock McGuire from Samford Swim Club travelled to Western Australia to compete in the Rottnest Channel Swim. She joined forces with Kenny Smith from Perth to create the Moonburners Team – Duo Team 522. 

The Duo completed the swim in a sensational time of 8:04:01 coming a whopping 11 out of 51 teams. Congratulations to you both!

This competition is highly regarded worldwide and is one of Western Australia’s iconic events. The swim is from Cottesloe Beach to Rotto and is 19.7km in distance (if you swim in a straight line. The team believe they did at least 30km). For our readers that are unfamiliar with Ocean Swimming, swimming in the ocean is nothing like swimming in a pool. You have to alter your stroke, stroke rate, breathing and constantly changing course which makes this sport extremely challenging.

Leah in Action!

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