Christmas giving with Two Can Day

Welcome to the fourth column of our 'Young Writers Take The Reins' brought to you by students, Ben M., Josh G., Carter W., and Riley K. who have written a great article about their schools Christmas initiative ‘Two Can Day’.

Ben M, Carter W, Josh G, Riley K. with just one of the many hampers

Wow! 2020 was such a tough year and we are so grateful that we have just celebrated Christmas with our families. While celebrating, we were able to reflect on just how fortunate we are and that we were able to support others who are not as fortunate as us.  

As school was finishing, St Williams decided to launch the Christmas giving season with Two Can Day. Students were asked to bring two cans – one for each hand – while actively travelling to school. This would launch the Christmas hamper appeal for St Vincent de Paul. This Christmas we managed to put together over 18 hampers and 36 grocery bags. These donations will help families in our community who have found 2020 to be a tough year. 

In the last few weeks of November, our Year 5 teacher, Miss Simpson, challenged her Year 5 students to give to those less fortunate rather than have a traditional Secret Santa. The Year 5 students jumped on board with great enthusiasm. Every Christmas, heaps of people miss out on presents because they don’t have as much money as we do, especially during Covid. But our Year 5 cohort decided to help families in need by buying them gifts! We decided to buy a gift for a child aged 5-12 to be given out by St. Vincent De Paul, and the turnout was spectacular! 99% of Year 5 students brought in a present with most students contributing more than one gift! 

We hope those families who received a hamper and gifts feel cared for and inspired after what has been a tough year. We hope our gifts helped them to celebrate with their families. 

Students showcasing the hampers they have put together

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