Cluttered Environment = cluttered mind

Whether you believe one man’s trash is another’s treasure, are a passionate up-cycler or subscribe to Marie Kondo’s life changing art of tidying up – there will be something for everyone at Pine Rivers Private Hospital’s upcoming Rummage Sale.

The sale, to be held on October 12, forms part of Mental Health Week and aims to raise awareness of the therapeutic benefits of de-cluttering – as well as bagging a bargain.

“De-cluttering enables one to let go of past items no longer needed or helpful to keep, and no longer holding on to things that may or may not be relevant to a future not yet lived,” said Julie Huntington, Allied Health Manager.

“At Pine Rivers Private Hospital we teach techniques in Mindfulness and a mindful focus is a present focus, therefore de-cluttering involves re-assessing what is needed right now.

“We should all ask the question, is it helpful to hold on to these items, or does doing so create pressure or distress in the current moment?”

Pine Rivers staff have embraced the sale and have been donating items of clothing, small furniture and children’s toys. Community members can also donate items for the sale. All proceeds will be donated to a mental health charity.

“We would like to invite those from the community to come and support this event, have a free breakfast on us and hopefully pick up a few personal treasures to create their own memories,” said Robyn Carrington, Business Development Manager and Coordinator of the event.

The rummage sale will open from 7:30am at Pine Rivers Private Hospital. For more information visit Pine Rivers’ Facebook event page – Pine Rivers Private 2019 Mental Health Day.  

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