Coffee that Cares

By Kristy Beard, Teachers Aide, Patricks Road State School

Lucy and Chloe from Patricks Road State School ready to serve!

At Patricks Road State School, a coffee cart dream came alive over 10 years ago out of a garage of a few dedicated citizens from a local church. 

The cart was built from a golf cart to make it transportable for events within the school. Since the original version was created, we have had an upgrade. The old cart was sold to Ferny Grove State School for the reasonable sum of $6,000 and we are happy to report the cart is still alive and well today!

The purpose of it’s origin was to raise funds for the local church and the chaplaincy programs offered within the school community. Now, it has become a caring hub and a hive of activity every morning. You will see all of the volunteers working tirelessly to pump out over 30 coffees a day. So far this this year, the cart has made over $6,000 in profits, which has been donated. An amazing effort for an idea out of a local home that became a local meeting place.

Not only will you see the staff and parents down at the hub but you will also meet some of our smaller school community forum groups. We often have special guests join us for coffee to speak with parents about children with learning needs, literacy and so much more.

It also offers students in senior grades an opportunity to volunteer their time and gain experience in a working environment. The Coffee Cart has also gone green. BYO cup gives you a discount on your purchase. The chaplaincy program benefitting from these profits is a vital life line to all schools. Our school is no exception. This idea has created so many community links and opportunity. The list is endless.

Any given day, you will see a hive of activity amongst the Coffee cart that cares, even down to the supplier of the coffee beans from Q Roasters at Stafford. They roast their own beans, are fully fair trade and have strict sustainability production. Lauchlan the owner also volunteers his time once a month to train our precious volunteers. 

We love supporting the local community so check out Q Roasters as well as the Patricks Roads Road Coffee cart if you are ever popping by.

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