Communities helping communities

Aaron ‘Aza’ Baldacchino with Willmore Kindy kids and their donations.

Willmore Kindergarten and Preschool prides itself on its wonderful connections with Indigenous Elders and groups in the local area. 

Throughout June, the Willmore community collected pre-loved bikes and scooters for children of indigenous communities in Warburton, Western Australia.

Willmore’s Director, Mrs Linda Meinicke, believes that helping communities demonstrates to the children to think beyond our own families.

“The project has initiated lots of discussions with the children about our indigenous communities.”

Mrs Meinicke said, “We hope that we will be able to connect with the recipients of the donations so that the children can see the outcome of our community’s generosity.”

Aaron ‘Aza’ Baldacchino is the man behind the initiative and uncle to a student at Willmore. Aza has travelled the multi-tracks throughout central Australia and engaged with many of the indigenous communities along the way.

“People within these communities are shy, so I use my background in dance to initiate interaction with the people.” 

“These communities don’t have a lot, Warburton has the largest number of children in central Western Australia. A small act of kindness like this can bring joy to the community.”

With the attitude, ‘you can help everyone’, Aza is on a misson to help Australia’s indigenous communities and to show and tell them that the city people really do care. 

Aza will be delivering the bikes and scooters on behalf of Willmore and the local community. 

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