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The desire to be part of a community is not a new one. For as long as humans have existed, we’ve survived and thrived by being part of a community. What has changed however is our technology. We now have technology that enables us to be a part of numerous communities simultaneously. We are no longer just members of local and physical communities. Thanks to the internet and social media, we can become members of supportive online communities as well.
With this in mind, there are now several Facebook communities specific to our local suburbs including The Hills District, Upper Kedron, Ferny Grove and Samford. The Hills Echo has created a list of some of the favourites in and around our area. Why not join these informative groups that will welcome you with open arms? Simply search the groups title in Facebook and request to join.

Ferny Grove Community: This page is for residents of Ferny Grove and surrounding suburbs to share the latest news and events that are happening in the local area.

The Hills District Community Group: A local community group for residents and small business owners in Arana Hills, Ferny Hills, Everton Hills, and surrounding areas. Share news, events, and any other information or questions relevant to others in your area.

Upper Kedron Community: This is a place where you can connect with others in Upper Kedron. Find news and information about Upper Kedron and surrounding areas.

The Hills District Home Gardeners Share, Swap and Sell: For local community home gardeners who have extra produce that they would like to share, swap or sell. This group can also be used to share gardening tips, and ideas, start shared garden projects, or ask for assistance with garden related tasks.

Ferny Hills, Arana Hills, Everton Hills Ridgy-Didge Community Page: A friendly Community Noticeboard for Ferny Hills, Arana Hills and Everton Hills. Share events, activities and information on the local area. This is not a buy, sell, swap page, however you may post a request for an item or post any free items you may have to giveaway.

 Samford Valley Community Noticeboard: A community noticeboard for people living in the Samford. Share events, activities and information on the local area. 

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