Construction Complete on New Street Library

The Marist 180 crew who built the street library;Johnson Okodeng, Andrea Spain, Sam Bailye, Omot Ojwado & Fawwaz Hindo

There is no doubt that the Street Library revolution is bringing neighbourhoods together and now another library is joining the movement in our local area – The Hills Organic Garden (HOG) libraryThis library is primarily for gardening books for the young, the old and everyone in between, however other books are welcomed!

The committee at HOG had an abundance of books between them that they wanted to share with the community, however the logistics of a conventional library was too difficult, therefore a Street Library for exclusively gardening books was the perfect solution. 

‘I was inspired by the article in May’s edition of The Hills Echo about the local street library Kolora Collection and this prompted me to investigate the possibility of a street library for gardening books,’ said Kathi Hildebrand, President of The Hills District Community Garden.

The committee engaged students from the construction program at Marist 180, located in Samford to construct the library box. Marist 180 is a community organisation that allows disadvantaged men and women to gain skills to enable them to find a pathway to employment.  Students Andrea Spain, Johnson Okodeng, Omot Ojwado, Fawwaz Hindo along with head trainer Sam Bailye worked on the project.

Inspired by the design of ‘Kolora Collection,’ the HOG library is made entirely of recycled or reclaimed materials.

‘The door is from an old Queenlander, the roof is from a shed in Dayboro,’ said head trainer Sam Bailye.

It is conveniently located at Fishlips Seafood Cafe at Fernlands Shopping Centre in Woodlhill Road. Cafe owners James and Hayley volunteered to host and look after the library. The HOG committee are very appreciative of their generosity and community spirit.

Although, permanent signage will arrive shortly, the street library is now fully up and running so why not drop by and have a browse, create a conversation and get the whole family into gardening.

For more information about the Street Library movement or to find a library near you visit

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