Corridors for our resident VIP’s and commuters

An update from the Ferny Grove and Upper Kedron Residents Association

Did you know that a large part of Ferny Grove, Upper Kedron and surrounding suburbs are classified as Koala Priority Areas (KPA) by the Queensland Government?  

The 2020 koala habitat mapping report found that 91% of South East Queensland’s best quality koala habitat has been cleared over time, so let’s not take our special KPA designation for granted and do what we can to play a role in the survival of our ‘VIP’ residents. 

If you are lucky enough to spot a koala (or other wildlife) in your neighbourhood, take pause to reflect on how rare that moment is in this crazy world.  If we want wildlife to stay, it’s up to all of us to keep our pets restrained to avoid attacks and drive carefully with wildlife crossings in mind.  Having your say on development applications that may impact wildlife habitat or corridors is also important. And if you have sufficient land space, plant koala friendly trees – they don’t eat all types of gum leaves and have favourites like Tallowwood, Blue Gum and Grey Gum.

While spotting a koala isn’t easy (they are mostly quiet and camouflage well) when you do see one, pay close attention to its behaviour and health – does it have a brown bum?  Is it sitting on the ground? Are its eyelids red and inflamed?  Is it injured?  Even if it looks healthy, the best action is to call Moreton Bay Koala Rescue on 0401 080 333 – their team is available 24/7 and will be able to register the sighting (important for analysing koala populations) and do a health check at the same time.  

Note: The current updates to the BCC City Plan don’t appear to reflect the Queensland Government koala mapping (available from in our area, but this may be a time-lag.  

The Gap Park n’ Ride

On the topic of corridors, if you find parking at Ferny Grove train station problematic during construction of the TOD, then check out The Gap Park n’ Ride at Enoggera Reservoir – just a 15 min drive from Ferny Grove.  The depot has 85 parking spaces with buses leaving on average every 15 mins to/from the CBD with a total trip time of around 30 minutes.  

FGUKRA researches and advocates for residents to all levels of government on local issues. To join for a once only $10 fee, please contact us at

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