Cricket – The Core of Australian Sport

Cricket season is right around the corner and clubs are ready to welcome you and your family for the summer ahead! There are plenty of great benefits to kids health when it comes to participating in cricket activities, whether that’s just for fun or competitively. What makes cricket great is that it’s a game for everyone to play, regardless of age, gender, race or ability. 

Cricket promotes the holistic benefits of being physically active by allowing participants to learn skills in a fun, safe and inclusive environment. Basic motor skills such as catching, throwing, striking, jumping and running are all incorporated into the sport. The Woolworths Cricket Blast program which is the entry level program across Australia is designed to make learning basic skills of cricket fun and exciting through game based activities. Every child can participate fully in small groups, allowing them to test and learn new social skills, game sense skills and fundamental movement skills. Getting kids out in the fresh air (and away from their screens!) is always great for not only the kids but parents too! Cricket can be played anywhere, at any time, and with anyone so the whole family can enjoy the benefits of moving outdoors.

Building friendships and belonging to a community is another great health benefit to being involved in cricket. Kids can play with their mates while also making new friends. Playing in a team is very valuable and improves social skills, such as communication, cooperation, learning to cope with winning and losing and sportsmanship. Mental skills are also learned through playing cricket and can be transferred to other areas, such as schoolwork or jobs. Cricket will keep kids’ minds as well as their bodies healthy. Also it builds resilience and discipline. 

To get your child started in cricket and join in on all the fun, simply head to and search for your nearest club to sign up today! 

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