Cut The Stress Out Of Exercise!

You know how it is. You start exercising with the best of intentions.

Then, you strain a hammie, hurt your lower back, or tear a shoulder muscle. Suddenly, you’re back to square one. Recovery is slow. Motivation flags. It’s all too hard.

Reformer Pilates is your answer.

Pilates is a challenging, but low-impact form of exercise. It uses the resistance of springs, pulleys and straps to target specific muscle groups allowing you to gradually increase the intensity of your exercise as your fitness levels improve.

During your class, an instructional video guides your every movement and a qualified reformer pilates instructor provides specific technique correction and adjustment, every step of the way.

Reformer Pilates promotes strength, flexibility and overall well-being for ‘youngsters’ of all ages.

Discover Pilates Emporium Samford today they are located at Shop 6, 4 Mary Ring Drive, Samford. If you would like to keep up to date with the latest news why not join them on Facebook For more information and enquiries call 07 3289 6877 or visit

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