Day Trips – Past and Present

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A section of the Avenue of Honour at Samford

On the May Day holiday in 1947, the staff of the Customs Department eagerly awaited their picnic at Closeburn. 

Tragically, it turned to disaster before the train reached its destination. This accident is remembered as the ‘Camp Mountain Rail Crash’. Commemorations were organised on the 50th and 70th anniversaries by Samford organisations.  Samford Museum holds information about the crash and the locals who responded to the emergency.  This is available for researching when the museum reopens, hopefully in the not too distant future.  

Other popular day trips were organised by RACQ for the motor enthusiasts. In June, 1930, a club basket picnic was held to Cedar Creek and Bunya. About 15 cars made the trip, and participants enjoyed tennis and other sports at the destination.

Today, there is so much variety on offer for local residents in terms of day trips. One example is the popular Ferny Grove/Samford Rail Trail that follows the former train line. Eatons Crossing picnic area is another popular sport, also known as Edward Allison Park. Other easy car trips away are Sandgate, Suttons Beach and Bribie Island. Samford Village itself is a day trip destination growing in popularity, with plenty of coffee and craft shops, as well as the walking path, Laurie Balfour Way, and through the Avenue of Honour. Here, take time to read the plaques set into the path as well as the memorials to fallen soldiers and the stunning views.  

Keep an eye on the Samford Museums website, Facebook Page and the local papers for updates regarding reopening and further news.

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