2021 deadlines for The Hills Echo and The Everton Echo community newspapers

July Editions

  • The Hills Echo: 21st June
  • The Everton Echo: 17th June
  • Distribution commences: 29th June
  • Direct letterbox distribution occurs on 6th & 7th July

August Editions

  • The Hills Echo: 19th July
  • The Everton Echo: 15th July
  • Distribution commences: 2nd August
  • Direct letterbox distribution completed by 16th August

September Editions

  • The Hills Echo: 23rd August
  • The Everton Echo: 19th August
  • Distribution commences: 31st August
  • Direct letterbox distribution completed by 10th Sept

October Edition

  • The Hills Echo: 27th September
  • The Everton Echo: 23rd September
  • Distribution commences: 4th October
  • Direct letterbox distribution  completed by 14th October

November Editions

  • The Hills Echo: 25th October
  • The Everton Echo: 21st October
  • Distribution commences: 1st November
  • Direct letterbox distribution  completed by 10th Nov

December Edition

  • The Hills Echo: 22nd November
  • The Everton Echo: 18th November
  • Distribution commences: 30th November
  • Direct letterbox distribution completed by  10th December


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