December 2019 Horoscopes

Your monthly horoscopes brought to you by Missy Rivers- Psychic Medium & Teacher

ARIES: Close relationships have been building up to a climax that comes about this month- the outcome will depend on your approach. You’ll need to have extra patience with others as your buttons are pushed. Be generous with your words and actions, with your tolerance at an all time low. 

TAURUS: Passion will be flying high for you this month, it will be vital for you to check your ego to funnel energy in a positive way. This month brings about drive into your life alongside frustration and contempt for others. Perfect time for dreaming of your future towards the end of the month.

GEMINI December ushers in a challenging time for communication in your close relationships, alot of talking but not connecting it seems, persistence will be key. Financial conversations and planning is advised. Making a plan for your own personal desires and reative outlet for the next 6 months will be well rewarded. 

CANCER: This month ushers in a ‘soul searching’ energy that has you taking stock of your life, feeling which core beliefs should stay or go.  Be kind to yourself during this time, knowing to release the old is to lighten your load. Romance and close connections are at an all time high- enjoy.  

LEO: Expand your mind and unleash those big ideas that are on your mind, this month is the time to communicate what you’ve been waiting to act on. Bold plans will be well recieved. Romantic encounters will be around to lighten things up. Health issues are asking to be checked now!

VIRGO: Financial matters will need your focus this month. Avoiding bad habits and having attenion to detail in planning will get you to your goals. Socially, a splash of spontaneity will have you loosening the reins and cracking a smile. Patients with family members will be required. 

LIBRA: Expression of all sorts is a go this month, especially around any pursuits for expanding career and business. The end of month provides an opportunity to take a family connection to an all new positive level. Personally, there will be an old matter needing to be finally released. 

SCORPIO: There is a powerful energy around you at this time, your thoughts and words are amplified to heal or destroy, the choice is yours. You will need to be a camelian and cater to your audience to achieve your goals. A personal breakthrough is coming, before a happy new year.   

SAGITTARIUSHAPPY BIRTHDAY!! This time will be rewarding socially for you, if you allow yourself to say “why not”. Personal relationships will be supported for you to right a wrong. The cosmic movements are pushing for things to be in perspective, this will assist you with your delayed plans.

CAPRICORN: An urge to do things a little differently this month will be fun and productive. The energy is ripe for you to set your sights high for your career direction, things set into motion now will come about over the next ten months. A private personal matter may come to public eyes.

AQUARIUS: Now is the perfect time to fuel and foster your talents, they’re becoming your focus. Now is the perfect time to think about your long term plans and what you’d like from the next decade as we move into 2020. Niggling health matters will need attention. 

PISCES: Thinking outside the box for any problems that come your way will come easy this month. You may feel overwhlemed with many small things that are stressful at present, allow yourself to lighten things up through much needed playful encounters and connections with nature. Avoid drama external to you at all costs.

By Missy Rivers- Psychic Medium & Teacher

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