Dickson News

from your Federal Member for Dickson Peter Dutton

It’s a great honour to be your local MP and I am very grateful to everyone in our community of Dickson. I promised to work hard and I will keep that promise.

I have hit the ground running since the election and have been out in my mobile office because it’s important to be accessible, to hear views on the direction our community should take and help on issues of concern to you. 

I want to make sure we do more to get people connected to the NBN and to look after our local environment. 

One of the big differences between the Coalition and Labor at the election was our approach to taxes.

Whilst we promised to cut taxes and keep the cost of living down, Labor promised to hit every Australian with $370B worth of new taxes and this was comprehensively rejected.

We will deliver tax relief to every Australian earning between $40,000 and $200,000 and eliminate bracket creep.

We want to get more of your hard earned money back in your pocket.  

For our local community, I have already delivered the funding to get vital road and transport upgrades. I’ve delivered funding to:

– Build the missing on/off ramps at Dohles Rocks Road

– Deliver the new Samford Community Hub

– Duplicate Linkfield Road Overpass

– Get more car parking at Ferny Grove train station

– Flood proof Youngs Crossing

– Eliminate dangerous black spots on our roads

– Eliminate mobile black spots

– Build the new Petrie University

All of these projects will make our local community even better and many will deliver new jobs and opportunities. Some of these projects require the involvement of the State Government so we will be working hard to keep pressure on them to see the projects delivered as soon as possible. 

We are coming up to 2500 visits in my mobile office across the electorate. Please drop in to the mobile office caravan if you have any queries or issues I can help with. 

Thank you again for your support at the election on 18 May. It is a privilege, and an honour to be re-elected as your representative and I am fighting harder than ever for everyone in our community.

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