Diet and Nutrition Where to start?

So you want to focus on nutrition and need some help getting started? 

Taking good quality, targeted nutritional supplements can give you the boost you need to set off on the right track. Whether you need some advice on ways to support muscle recovery, or are feeling flat and need a boost, come and see the team at Compounding Pharmacy in Keperra to discuss a plan. Experienced pharmacists Blaine and Tahnee, have a special interest in nutritional medicine and can offer you some great advice.

Weight gain is usually on most people’s agenda. Before you jump into the latest juice cleanse, keep in mind that there are some common underlying conditions which might be contributing. For women in the age range of 45-55, putting on weight despite doing all the right things could be the result of your hormones. The team at Compounding Pharmacy invite you to come and have a 30-minute hormone consultation with Tahnee to explore if your hormones might be working against you and what you can do about it. 

In addition, have you been putting off discussing persistent pain in 2020 and decided you need to do something about it? Pop in to visit the knowledgable pharmacists and chat about new options that have become available. They also have some of their our own compounds that are safe and effective to use alongside other medicines and therapies.

Checking in with your doctor at this time is also a great idea to ensure all your screening is up to date, like skin checks, yearly blood tests, and cervical and mammogram screening.

All of these fantastic services are available at Keperra Compounding Pharmacy. Call 3355
or email

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