Donations Get Cubs Camping Again

By Grovely Mitchelton Cub Scout Erin Skipworth (aged 10). Photography by fellow Cub Scout Leader Rebecca Baxter, ‘Kestrel’.

New tents generously donated by the Arana Leagues Club

On the 7th of March, the Grovely Mitchelton Cub Scout community came together for our first camp in over a year at Samford Scout den with new gear generously donated by the Arana Leagues Club, on Dawson Parade. 

Last year was quiet for many including the Scouts who were affected by the COVID 19 restrictions, which included outdoor camping. This meant Grovely Mitchelton Scout den couldn’t provide enough tents to allow the one child per tent rule, so all camps were cancelled.

This year’s camp was very pleasant and comfortable in our brand-new tents. We all all had our own space – and, as a bonus for our Leaders, there was a lot less chatter at lights out.  

On the camp we all enjoyed some free play, cricket and hand ball was on! Afterwards we had a delicious dinner then we all took turns telling stories, jokes and singing songs around the campfire with the (not so) roasted marshmallows. Everyone slept REALLY well that night and woke up to the beautiful sound of black cockatoos over Baden-Powell Park. 

It was so sad to miss out on camps last year because of COVID, but thanks to the Leagues Club, we can finally experience the outdoors again!

All together I think we can all agree that everyone had a marvellous time out at Samford Cub den. Thank you to our host den, our tireless Leaders and to Arana Leagues Club for the opportunity to do what Cubs do best. 

Happy Camping!

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