Dress for now, with purpose and for you!

We’ve teamed up with Lee Martin, from local pre-loved boutique Style Your Way, to pull together the must-haves to take you from school drop offs to after school sports, from grocery shopping to zoom calls and everything else in between!

Lee Martin, from local pre-loved boutique Style Your Way

As our lives become busier and busier juggling the different roles we have; parent, partner, business owner, employee, kid’s taxi driver…. let’s face it, getting dressed should be the easiest part of our day!

Lee works with women to discover their individual style, what suits their body, and the right hues for their complexion.

    “What excites me about helping women find their unique style is when I see the person’s posture change, the way they begin to move and carry themselves differently, you see a shift in their confidence. It is then that I know we have found their comfort, because it’s all about being comfortable in your own skin.”

    Lee follows the simple ABC’s of dressing for today to take your wardrobe from drab to fab.

Adaptable – simplified style is knowing how to select essential core pieces that become your baseline and are interchangeable when dressing for your day.

Beautiful – your clothes are a reflection of how you feel. Selecting accent pieces that compliment your core outfit in the colour tones that suit you. Accessories, tops, jackets and handbags are ideal to achieve this. Be armed with the right colour palette for your complexion and you will look and feel beautiful.

Comfortable – identify the right fabrics for you so you can breeze effortlessly through your day. The fabrics you wear and the movement of the garment need to be reflective of your lifestyle. If you are in and out of the car all day, a to-die-for structured pencil skirt is not your friend!

Truely adaptable styles are on offer at Style Your Way

    Style your way – a true reflection of your personal brand image. Staying genuine to your style no matter the season, working with your current wardrobe and thrifting new pieces is the perfect way to reflect your unique individuality. Pinterest and social media are great places to pull inspiration and a collection of images that reflect your style.

Choosing preloved fashion is guilt free shopping at it’s best. It offers customers the ability to inject unique pieces into their core basics, adjust their wardrobe seasonally without breaking the budget and helps reduce our carbon footprint.

    Every 10 minutes, an estimated 6000 kilos of textiles and clothing are dumped in landfill in Australia. Style Your Way is a sustainable business that relies solely on donations from the community and donates a percentage of the shop’s profits to Hummingbird House, a local hospice specialising in paediatric palliative care services.

    All donations are sorted at Style Your Way with quality, seasonal clothes resold and other garments redistributed to local charities in need. Salvageable items like buttons are removed before discarding and fabrics that can be repurposed are sent to local community members who use them in upcycling projects.

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed, lacking direction on what colours suit you or what style works for your body shape, drop into see Lee and together you can find your unique style.

Visit Style Your Way at 18-20 Ferny Way, Ferny Hills

Call 0412 668 612 or follow them on Facebook 

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