Drone Zone for Ferny Grove

Did you receive a Drone for Christmas but have no idea where to fly it?

Brisbane City Council has launched a six-month trial for people to use drones weighing up to 2kg in ten parks across the city. One of these parks can be found locally at Keperra Picnic Grounds, Tramway Street, Ferny Grove.

Drones up to 500g, flying less than 15km/h, could previously be flown without consent but drones heavier than that have always required a permit when flown on council land.

The sixth month trial ā€“ the first of its kind in Australia ā€“ begun in mid December. Cr McLachlan said the trial would be re-evaluated after six months to determine whether it should be continued permanently.

Pilots must follow existing Civil Aviation Safety Authority rules. Any breaches of CASA rules for flying from or over a council park are enforceable by CASA, the council said.

For more information regarding guidelines for flying drones visit www.casa.gov.au/modelaircraft

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