Edible Exchange Arrives in Eatons Hill

By Kate Irwin, Eatons Hill

Tom and Kate Irwin

Over the last few years of COVID lockdowns and isolation, we have seen a swing towards growing your own food.  Being able to share nutritious home grown produce with your neighbours when the shelves are bare, is a tremendous joy and privilege.  

As growing food also grows in popularity, so too have edible exchanges, crop swaps, seed libraries, street libraries and skill share hubs.  The more we have been forced apart, the more desperate we have become to be reunited – to experience true community, camaraderie and friendship.

The Dayboro Edible Exchange has been successfully operating for over eight years, run by legendary local Corinne Parnell. Recently the Dayboro Edible Exchange secured a grant for a new premises and their old exchange was looking for a home! A perfect spot was chosen at Camp Mountain about four weeks ago and Anna Fawcus has become the driving force behind the wildly successful, Samford Edible Exchange.

Recently, Melissa from Albany Creek, asked on the local community Facebook Page if anyone would be interested in something similar closer to home. Being the host of an existing community compost hub and street library which has been operating for over a year, I was very encouraged by the renewed local interest. Previously I had tried to establish an Edible Exchange but struggled to get the community involved and it never thrived.

The Chicken Lane Seedling Swap and Street Library

With fresh hearts and hands, we decided to re-boot what has been known as ‘Chicken Lane’ amongst neighbours. If we desired a well functioning edible exchange as a community, ‘Chicken Lane’ really needed rain and possum proofing fast!  All of our signage and street library was sadly destroyed in the February rain events, so we needed a fresh overhaul.

We currently have locals constructing a roof and adding possum proof doors to our existing exchange table, a fridge has been donated to use as a weather proof street library, clear signs are being designed and a greenhouse has been donated to use as a temporary critter proof exchange.

Eatons Hill Edible Exchange will be a place where locals can swap homegrown produce such as fruit, vegetables, eggs, cow poo, horse poo, compost, glass jars, egg cartons, seeds, books and herbs. Produce can be shared in a variety of way such as fresh cuttings, seeds, dried, seedlings or plants. Participants may exchange fresh produce in return for other fresh produce, cooked foods, seeds, skills or even recipes. Eatons Hill Edible Exchange also has a Street Library and a Compost Hub. 

Whilst we are not 100% operational yet, we would love you to join the journey and get involved! Beautiful produce is currently being swapped and we anticipate opening at full capacity by the start of June.

To get involved please join our Facebook Group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/871694333602432/

The Community Compost Hub

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