Election 2019 – Time for words to become action

Moreton Bay Region Mayor Allan Sutherland has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement that the federal election will be held on May 18.

He said it was a ‘relief’ that the pseudo campaign in Canberra had finally come to an end.

“I think it’s fair to say there’s a sense of relief in the community that a date has finally been set, now we can finally start getting some details and real commitments from candidates,” said the Mayor.

“What is essential for our community is funding for transport and roads – especially the Gateway Motorway and Bruce Highway.

“I’ll also be pushing for funding commitments into health services and USC’s Moreton Bay campus to ensure a bright future for our young people.

“Within the next two decades we’ll have the same population as Tasmania, which means we should have the same infrastructure as Tasmania.

“And we need that investment to happen now, not sometime down the track, if we are to accommodate growth.

“I will be meeting with the key candidates for Longman, Petrie and Dickson to try to secure the best deal for Moreton Bay, but it’s your vote that will determine who forms government. 

“So I implore locals not to tune out in the weeks ahead, because Queensland is the key battleground for both sides of politics and every seat in the Moreton Bay Region is a must-win.

“Moreton Bay Region is the kingmaker of state and federal politics, we are the region that determines government.

“And unlike other areas of Queensland, voters in Moreton Bay Region aren’t rusted on to one particular party – so this is a warning to Labor and LNP alike not to take us for granted.

“Politics is a numbers game and the most important seats in any election are the swinging seats – and the most significant swinging seats are right here.

“The Moreton Bay Region is a barometer for the mood of the nation and from my time in local government, I know that state and federal politicians go wrong when they forget that all politics is local politics.

“Seats like Petrie are the bellwether seats and go to the government of the day, in fact I can recall two recent elections where it came down to Petrie to determine the government of our country.”

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