Electoral Boundaries – which ones are you in?

An update from the Ferny Grove & Upper Kedron Residents Association

The boundary for the Ryan & Dickson electorates

Our Association is apolitical, but as the government has a lot to do with outcomes for our community, we thought an explanation for new voters on electoral boundaries might be helpful in the lead-up to the 21 May election.

There are three levels of government – Local (Council), State (Queensland Government) and Federal (Australian Government).  How these are represented are divided into ‘electorates’ and at each election, voters get to vote for the candidate that represents them in that electorate. The boundaries for each electorate are (often frustratingly) different for each level of government – meaning your ‘local’ candidates across Local, State and Federal don’t represent the exact same suburbs.

Currently, the candidates for people who live in Upper Kedron and Ferny Grove are:  Cr Steven Toomey (Brisbane City Council, The Gap Ward); Hon Mark Furner, MP (State member for Ferny Grove) and Mr Julian Simmonds, MP (Federal member for Ryan).  Some parts of postcode ‘4055” are in the Dickson electorate, where the Federal member is the Hon Peter Dutton, MP.  Similarly, parts of ‘4055’ are in Moreton Shire Regional Council.

Elections typically take place every 4 years for Council and State, and every 3 years for Federal.  You must be enrolled to vote. Enrollment has closed for the upcoming Federal election on 21 May 2022.

For this Federal election, those of us that live in “4055” will either be in the Ryan electorate or the Dickson electorate.

The boundary for the Ryan & Dickson electorates

The declared candidates for Ryan are:

  • Julian Simmonds, Liberal National Party
  • Peter Cossar, Australian Labor Party
  • Elizabeth Watson Brown, Greens
  • Damian Cooray, Liberal Democrats
  • Janine Rees, Australian Progressives
  • Bernard Wong, United Australian Party 

The declared candidates for Dickson are:

  • Peter Dutton, Liberal National Party
  • Ali France, Australian Labou Party
  • Vinnie Batten, Greens; Alena Ward, United Australian Party
  • Tamera Gibson, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation
  • Alan Buchbach, Independent;
  • Llyod Russell, Liberal Democrats.

Source:  https://www.abc.net.au/news/elections/federal/2022

When voting, you’ll be provided with two forms, called ballot papers.  The ballot papers are for you to cast your vote for each of the two ‘houses’ that make up Australia’s parliament. These houses are called The House of Representatives and The Senate (also known as the Upper House).  Put simply, the House of Reps is where the ‘main game’ happens and The Senate is a ‘house of review’. So, The Senate is a way of keeping the government that usually controls the House of Reps in check.

Understanding how to correctly fill out the ballot papers is important, otherwise your vote may not be counted.  

Polling places will be open from 8am to 6pm.   If you are unable to vote in person on the 21st May , you can vote early either in person or by post.  Pre-poll voting starts on 9th May.  Visit www.aec.gov.au for more information, including how to register to vote for the next elections. 

FGUKRA researches and advocates for residents to all levels of government on local issues. To join for a once only $10 fee, please contact us at via email at fguk.communications@gmail.com.

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