Everton news – October 2020

A monthly column from your State Member for Everton TIM MANDER

Tim Mander MP

With a State Election upon us, it’s important that as a member of the Opposition that I make you aware of the plans of the alternate LNP government. 

I believe that this election is about who has the best plan to drag us out of the economic recession we are currently experiencing. The Covid-19 virus has had a significant negative impact on our economy. However, Queensland’s economy was on its knees prior to the pandemic. 

Under the Labor Government over the past five years, we have had the highest unemployment in the nation, lowest level of business confidence, highest number of bankruptcies and highest debt. If Labor couldn’t manage the economy before the virus struck, what chance have they got now to stimulate the economy. A strong economy means more jobs. 

As the Deputy Leader of the LNP, I am proud to be part of a team that has a bold plan for the next decade not just the next few years (go to www.deb2020.com.au for the LNP’s plan).

LNP’s Crime Crackdown

Under the Labor Government crime has exploded in North Brisbane over the last 5 years:

  Robbery increased by 80%

  Break-ins up by 41%

  Car theft increased by 84%

  Shop stealing up by 58%

LNP’s Youth Crime Plan

If the LNP wins the next state election on October 31, Youth Crime will be tackled by tough new laws and an overhaul to the justice system.  

As part of the LNP’s comprehensive youth crime plan:

  Youth offenders on bail will be monitored 24/7

  Mandatory detention for third convictions

  Community Payback Farm program will be established to rehabilitate repeat offenders

  “Breaching Bail” by youth offenders will become an offence so there are consequences to offending

  Justice reinvestment will be trialled to increase early intervention

LNP will deliver 170 more police for Brisbane

I’m horrified that an 18-year-old woman in my electorate experienced an attempted carjacking at Eatons Hill after she left work.

The LNP will recruit an extra 170 police for Brisbane and establish new taskforces to crackdown on gang violence and car-jackings.

Car crime, including car-jacking, has surged under the State Labor Government.

Everyone in the community has a right to feel safe in their home and on the streets.

The LNP will ensure our police have the resources and the tough laws they need to do their job and keep Queenslanders safe.

These new taskforces would be established immediately after the October 31 election.

Contact Tim

As your local state member, I’m here to represent you and am always available to listen and hear about the issues that matter.   

If you would like to contact me, please phone my office on 3535 1100 or email everton@parliament.qld.gov.au.


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