Everyone Belongs at Creative Play

We celebrated Harmony Week at Creative Play Child Care Centre by coming together with friends, families and the wider community. The children participated in a number of multicultural activities, with the phrase “We are One” in mind.

It was a great way to acknowledge the diversity in our Centre and to show to the children that everyone belongs. We were further able to explore our Indigenous culture with an interactive didgeridoo show from Jason Morris, which the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed. 

Another highlight of the children’s learning has been a visit from our local paramedics. One of our families welcomed a new addition to their family before Christmas. Not long after, it was found that their lovely boy, Lucas, had a rare medical condition which will require ongoing care and the possibility of visits from the paramedics. The paramedics were able to educate the children through a very hands-on experience. The children explored the inside of the ambulance and were able to touch and use the equipment. The paramedics spoke to the children about calling 000 and what to say if there is ever an emergency.

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