Exercise for the body and brain

We all know there are physical benefits of exercise—it helps you get in shape and lose weight, and it lowers your risk of numerous chronic diseases. But, did you know there are significant mental health benefits of exercise, too? There’s a strong link between exercise and mental health. Here’s why a regular workout plan is as great for your brain as it is for your body:

It’s social

Our relationships are important!  When you exercise at Curves, you work out next to supportive, likeminded women, supported and encouraged by our Curves Coaches.  

Working out decreases your depression risk

According to a recent Australian study, as little as one hour per week of exercise may help prevent a person from getting depressed. Researchers found those who didn’t exercise were 44% more likely to suffer symptoms of depression.

Your gym workout protects your brainpower

Physical activity may help ward off dementia as you get older. Aerobic exercise has been found to boost the size of the area of the brain responsible for learning and verbal memory.

And there’s more!  You know how good you feel at the end of a run, swim, or gym workout. To get the maximum benefits of exercise—both physical and mental—consistency is key. The more days a week you engage in the Curves full body workout, the better you will feel!

Join Curves now and experience the benefits of 30 minutes per day for yourself!  Your first month is FREE!  Phone Janelle and the coaching team today on 3354 4455.

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