Exercises to Improve Your Mind and Body

There’s no doubt about the physical benefits of exercise – but what about the benefits of exercise for your brain and emotions? Stress relief, improved mood,  focus and clear thinking, Promoting self-esteem and better sleep are just a few of the benefits excercise can bring to the mind. Here we have a run down on some excercises that will give you all the physical and mental benefits that regular physical activity has to offer.

1. Bushwalking {Body} Firms and tones the major muscle groups in your thighs, calves and buttocks. The hills and uneven terrain adds intensity which accelerates kilojoule and fat burning. {Mind} Spending time in bushlands and national parks with trees, water, sunshine and bird life can all have a calming effect, helping to ease stress.

2. Swimming {Body} Improves cardiovascular fitness and all-over muscle tone without impact on the joints. Include fast laps and intervals to maximise fat burning. {Mind} The rhythmic movement and focus on breathing can be quite hypnotic, helping to drown out stressful thoughts. Exercising in water can also trigger a unique feeling of refreshment and vitality afterwards.

3. Gardening {Body} A light form of activity that develops muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness. Perform each gardening task vigorously to maximise fat and kilojoule burning. {Mind} Gardening has a calming effect which helps to relieve tension and distract your mind of other worries. The exposure to fresh air and natural sunlight can also elevate mood. You can almost think of it as ‘ecotherapy.’

4. Cycling {Body} A gentle-on-your-joints activity that tones your thighs, calf and buttocks while burning fat and kilojoules.  {Mind} The rhythmic movement can distract your mind from cares or worries, while you take in more sights and scenery than virtually any other type of exercise.

5.Running {Body} Running is an intense activity for lower body toning, cardiovascular endurance and significant fat burning. The impact is also good for bone density and strength. {Mind} Extended training runs can trigger those feelings of stress reduction, mood elevation and inner harmony that are known as ‘the runner’s high.’

6. Resistance training

{Body} Using various forms of resistance such as body weight or dumbbells, strength training is the best way to develop muscular strength, power and tone. It’s also great for flexibility and fat burning. 

{Mind} A stronger body and improved energy levels may help to improve general self-esteem and physical self

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