Federal Election: Virtual Meet-Up for candidates.

Access to candidates and getting your questions heard – and answered – is always an issue as election campaigns get into gear.

But a local community and business group in Brisbane is preparing an innovative answer for the seats of Dickson and Ryan: The Online Video Meet the Candidates Event.

“As local media here in The Hills District always supplies a comprehensive roundup of options and views at election time, we see this ‘virtual meet-up’ of local candidates as an exciting new option,” said Brian Battersby, Chair of the Meet the Candidates Committee.

“Particularly when candidates are being asked questions directly from local business owners and residents,” he said.

An initiative of The Hills and Districts Chamber of Commerce Inc., members presented the 6 key questions they wanted to ask federal election candidates. All candidates are invited to answer those questions on a pre-recorded video, and those answers will go online on the Chamber website.

“We’re delighted to put together this concept that hopefully will assist voters to compare views and get to know candidates.

“With anything from 3 to 10 candidates possible in each seat, getting all the candidates together in this highly accessible format is a positive contribution to the debate. 

“There is a schedule in place, with the start date dependent on the election date. Questions will be released to all candidates soon after the nomination deadline closes. And candidates will have a small window of time to answer and supply their video,” said Brian.

Videos will not be edited, and candidates can choose how they want to use their allocated space and time (with some conditions).

“The views and opinions online will be the candidate’s own. The Chamber is simply acting as a conduit to assist community to hear, see and access their (potential) representatives – a core value of The Hills Chamber of Commerce,” said Brian.

Dates and more information will be released closer to the election announcement. 

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