On Monday 26 February 2018, Ferny Grove SHS held their Junior Leaders Badge Ceremony . Junior Leaders were presented with their badges in the presence of students, teachers, family and special guest Councillor Steven Toomey. Following the presentation all leaders recited the Oath of Office.

Congratulations to Ferny’s 2018 Junior Leaders. They are:-

Junior School Captains: Poppy Buckland and Jack Jones
Junior Vice-captains: James Bruce & Meggenn Birch
Junior SRC: Cassidy Ratcliff (President)
Mi Pretorium
Haile Uittenbogaard
Zachary Warman

Junior Sport Captains: Zanden Jeh & Tarney Morrison
Junior House Captains: Henry Brumler & Stacie Gray (Itchika)
Ella Hitchcock & Hayley Kiely (Kara Kara)
Sarah Moller (Ourapilla)
Alex Gould & Lucy White (Woorkarin)

Instrumental Music: Xander Barry-Smith
Arts: Rachel Beattie
Events Committee: Maryann Bowles Burke, Jonathan Saultry
German: Jasmine Cherry, Amcke Murphy, Laura Murry
Indonesian: Casey Donohue, Isabella Steffen-Thomas
IT/Business: Anoop Gill
Maths: Christopher Hamilton, Lachlan Rehder
Science: Thomas Johnston, Hallie Naumann
Drama: Roland Van Rooyen

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