Ferny Grove State High Schools’ Student Representative Council decided to hold an out of uniform day dedicated to Aussie farmers with all funds being donated directly to Rural Aid Australia. The SRC began discussions with Ferny’s Agriculture department and put a farm themed day together. Students and staff were encouraged to dress in farm themed clothing and tours to Ferny’s farm were held during lunchtime where students had the opportunity to have selfies with some of the animals. The farmyard visit proved extra special as one of Ferny’s sheep ‘Mary’ gave birth that morning to twin lambs, a boy and a girl who were just in time for the selfies! Couldn’t have timed it better.

Fernys’ SRC commented on ‘the community spirit that was felt in the lead up and during the event, so many people got on board and dressed in their farm gear including the staff and they couldn’t be happier with the final amount of monies being raised in the sum of $4,024.85’. Fernys’ SRC expressed how proud they were to have been able to raise this amount of funds for the farmers in need right now.

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