Finals fast approaching for Arana Netball Club

As the end of the 2019 winter netball fixture is insight, teams are now able to ascertain their chances of competing in finals. For seven and eight team competitions, the last fixture is scheduled for 17th August, with three weeks of finals to follow. Grades with five or six teams will finish a week later, and all grades have grand finals scheduled for 7th September.

Arana 1, Opens Div. 6 has as the season progressed, improved their position on the points ladder. They will have a good chance of finishing in second position. Arana 4, Intermediate 7, have (after regrading) moved up the table to also have a good chance of finishing second. Arana 5, Cadet 6, have been near the top of the points ladder throughout the season and so will finish well. Arana’s second Cadet team, Arana 6, Cadet 8, is around the middle of the table. They also have a good chance of competing in finals.

Arana Netball’s younger competitive teams are all looking great this close to finals. Arana 7, 13 Years Div. 6, is on top of their table; Arana 8, regraded up to 12Yrs Div. 3, is maintaining a position around the middle of the table, thus having a good chance for finals; Arana 9, 12Yrs Div.7, has maintained the top spot on the ladder for much of the season; and Arana 10, 11Yrs Div.7, appears set to stay in the top half of the ladder.

Later in the year, Arana Netball is again offering free training sessions for new young players. This introductory clinic is also available and helpful to other young players, who are either new to netball or only beginning to develop their skills. The clinic will be held weekly from 14th October to 12th November. For further information, contact the club via

For any further information on any matters relating to Arana Netball Club see the web site at

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