Find Your Community’s Happy Place at The Coffee Club

The Coffee Club team at Stafford

 Operated by locals who are dedicated to providing excellent, personalised service to their local community, The Coffee Club is the perfect café to choose if you’re craving quality connection. The Coffee Club has become the center of community in the North-West Brisbane suburbs of Stafford, Everton Park, Everton Hills, and Brookside. Our community focused, local store owners in the area, Terry & Vanessa, Rodney and Romy have devoted themselves to ensuring their customers always feel safe, have a fantastic experience and keep coming back. 

“We are a store at the heart of the community…we love being the easy place for mums to come on school runs and local businesses to have meetings. Our community can rely on us to provide the best for whatever they need,” said Liam Farimbella, Store Leader at The Coffee Club Everton Hills. 

Supported by buzzing regulars and friendly staff, The Coffee Club stores in the four North West Brisbane suburbs have become hubs where locals can rely on team members to know who they are and welcome them into a family friendly space. 

“Community means everything to a store like ours, especially during these unexpected times, like Covid. That’s why we spend time getting to know our guests, their names, even their regular orders – we want them to feel at home here because they are our family,” said Rodney, owner at The Coffee Club Brookside 

Stafford regulars, Michael & Grace, visit in store almost daily since Terry & Vanessa took over. They have truly become family, sharing their day-to-day and milestones with the team at The Coffee Club. Michael and Grace even celebrated their 50th anniversary right in store, 

“We had mentioned a few days before that we were coming in with friends to celebrate, as we would every other day, and Vanessa surprised us with a beautiful set up! She went that extra mile to make my wife and I feel special, and that’s why we love it here,” said Michael, regular at The Coffee Club Stafford 

“Our regulars come in daily now and it’s the personalised service that makes them stay I think – there’s always a friendly face to greet you at our store, and because of our small but fantastic team, we have become friends. The locals know who we are, and we know who they are,” said Romy, owner at The Coffee Club Everton Park 

The team from The Coffee Club Everton Park

Team members are proud to be part of creating memories for customers, just as our owners are proudly hiring within the local community, helping youth to harness skills that will set them up in future under the supervision of experienced leaders. 

“We love to grow our own talent at The Coffee Club Brookside, we’re a place where young kids can learn new skills, and we’re passionate about giving quality training to support them,” said Rodney Troian, Owner of The Coffee Club Brookside. 

“My background in hospitality has helped me understand exactly what customers expect from good service. I’ve been able to pass this knowledge onto my team so that no matter who on our team is serving our locals, they always have the best experience,” said Romy, owner of The Coffee Club Everton Park. 

“We really are just a local family, my wife and I run The Coffee Club locally, our staff and customers know each other, and we even have our 14-year-old twins work weekends. We love this community and its people,” said Terry Phan, Owner of The Coffee Club Stafford. 

The Coffee Club Brookside Team

The Coffee Club in North-West Brisbane have worked hard to ensure their cafés are safe spaces for their community to turn to during the recent pandemic and uncertainty around getting out and about. Our fantastic teams have been so happy to see their locals continuing to support their small businesses and move forward with their regulars to navigate the uncertainty together. 

“Especially during the past year with Covid, we’ve felt our regulars rally around our store, and we are so appreciative to them. Their support means everything to us – it means we are able to keep being a place for the community to connect,” said Romy. 

Visit your local North-West Brisbane store today, meet your local team and experience their warm and welcoming service! 

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