Fiona Holmstrom

Co-founder, STEM Punks

Fiona Holmstrom

The mission of STEM Punks is to ‘inspire tomorrow’s innovators’. Co-founder Fiona Holmstrom, commenced the EdTech startup in her garage in 2016 alongside husband Michael, while caring for three children under four and studying full time at Uni. 

As a woman in business, she says inclusivity and diversity are critical factors in running a successful company. Input from everyone is important, too, as teamwork plays a huge role in the direction of the business. 

STEM Punks offers online classes to both kids at home and teachers in schools. There’s Coding, Drones, Robots, 3D Printing and Design, Space, Rockets, and much more. School holiday online classes will feature Innovation & Entrepreneurship programs.

Women in STEM are hugely inspirational. Speaking with US Astronaut, Michaela Musilova, live last week was a highlight of STEM Punks’ Live Broadcasts.

One of the biggest achievements of running STEM Punks was winning the Telstra Business Award last year.

“It made such a positive impact to our business growth. We have parents from all over the world signing up to online classes for their children, and watching our live broadcasts every week,” said Fiona

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