Flooded, But Not Defeated!

Submitted by Mario De Marco, Secretary New Market Bocce Club

The exterior of the Newmarket Bocce Club

I would love to talk to you about our first competition of the year that took place on the 20th February, which incidentally went well. However, on a more important note, I’m sure we know someone that has been deeply affected by the floods. Our hearts go out to them and we hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Newmarket Bocce Club also had its share of problems. We had nearly three metres of water through the club. The water got into our clubhouse reached the mezzanine floor. It was absolutely devastating. The pictures tell all. Please go the Newmarket Bocce Club page in Facebook and there are more pictures and stories.

Nevertheless, we will not be defeated. On Monday 28th February, a group of us got stuck into it over a couple of days. What a massive job, but we were determined to bring the club back to its previous condition. There is still no power, but hopefully we will get it back soon. We have spent a further few days cleaning and getting our playing courts up to scratch and are are nearly there. As the club sits in a low lying flood area, we cannot get flood insurance and therefore are not covered –  like most sporting clubs. Yes we lost a bit, but of course that is nothing compared to the loss that some people and clubs had. Anyway enough of the statistics.

The club would like to thank the following people who put their souls in keeping the club alive, Bill Brokken, Silvio Rotili, Mario De Marco, Tony Disipio, Natale Zaini, Gabriele Pasqualini, Anthony Lancuba and his four friends from the Streetlight Bridgeman team, Leo Thompson, Phillipe Antelme, Vince Saggiomo, Fausto Ceccato, Tony Servodio, Tony Giacoboni, Bruno Cappellone, Vic Alberti, Shane Horgan, Aurelio Fioravanti and Sue Thompson who provided a great morning tea on Wednesday 1st March – well done.

The Newmarket Bocce Club is the last remaining bocce club in Brisbane. We are proud to be still standing. All we ask is for your support.

Our 2022 committee is President Tony Di Sipio, Vice President Silvio Rotili, Treasurer Bill Brokken, Secretary Mario De Marco and committee members Leo Thompson, Tony Servodio, Vince Saggiomo and Phillip Antelme.

To get involved, or for more information about the Newmarket Bocce Club call Tony on 0418731423 or Mario on 0403257325   

Most of the equipment has been destroyed

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