FREE Bridge for Beginners!

Enjoy a game of cards? Have you played all the old favourites such as 500 and Canasta? Have you secretly desired to learn the game of Bridge but never had the opportunity?  Here is a chance to learn this magnificent game.

The Hills District is very fortunate to have their very own Bridge Club which is modern, air-conditioned and very easily accessible. Arana Contract Bridge Club is situated at the Ferny Grove Sports Grounds in Tramway Street, Ferny Grove (entrance is between the entrance to The Grove Sports and Bowls Club and the Tramway Museum). It is a very active club and they are offering free lessons in Bridge for beginners. It doesn’t matter how much Bridge knowledge you possess or don’t possess, the classes are an introduction to this wonderful game. The instructor will guide participants along an easy pathway to knowledge and the lessons will be held in a social atmosphere where you can make new friends as you learn together. 

The Beginners’ Lessons commence on Saturday 10th July 2021 from 10am to noon, at the Arana Bridge Club. The course runs for nine weeks, after which help with play sessions are available for two weeks. Lessons are free but purchase of the textbook ($30) is highly recommended. Bookings are essential – phone Jim 3289 0033.

Arana Contract Bridge Club offers the opportunity to play Bridge locally. It is a low cost activity, perfect for those who like a challenge, mental stimulation and good company. If you are a lapsed player, consider joining your local Bridge Club. If you are a novice, the free lessons are a great place to start.

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