Gardening For Busy People

When the Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club meets on 1st November at the Enoggera Memorial Hall in Trundle Street, Colin Phillips, the guest speaker will talk about Gardening for Busy People.  Colin has worked for the Brisbane City Council and other departments where horticultural knowledge is required and landscaping has been involved in his life.

These days families have many activities making demands on their time and this talk should help ease the pressure for gardeners, e.g. the installation of an automatic drip system could eliminate watering time;  energy spraying insecticides could be avoided through companion planting which deters pests especially in the vegetable garden;  small flowering annuals could attract bees,  while marigolds prevent nematodes attacking roots of plants.   There’s a wealth of knowledge to learn from Colin at this meeting.

October is the month to remove spent spring flowering annuals and replenish nutrients in the soil in readiness for summer vegetables, etc..  If you have space for pumpkin vines to run, plant some pumpkin seeds now and you should be rewarded with pumpkins in winter providing you pollinate the flowers.  Male and female flowers occur on the one vine.  To distinguish these, the male flower has a long stem and the female flower has a shorter stem with a small bulb-like structure at the base of the petals. To pollinate you can either break off a male flower, pull off the petals, then rub off the pollen which is on the anthers, to the stigma of the female flower, or you can use a small brush or end of a feather to brush the pollen from a male flower onto a female flower.  If pollination is lacking you’ll find the small bulb on the female flower will develop a little, then turn yellow and wither.

This club meets on the first Thursday of the calendar month.  Meeting commence immediately after morning tea which is served at 9.45 a.m.  Visitors and new members are most welcome.  The hall is close to public transport and accessible by wheel chair.

For more information please phone Pat, the president, on 3356 1256.


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