Gardening In Summer – What To Grow

From The Hills Organic Garden Community

Gardening in summer is sometimes a little challenging due to the extreme weather conditions we often experience, along with the unwanted pests and diseases.  

However, if you are able to keep the plants well watered during these hotter months, you have a good chance of harvesting some tasty vegetables.  

The crops we tend to cultivate are tomatoes (cherry-types as they tend to be more pest and disease resistant) as well as capsicums and eggplants which are a good start . Also sweetcorn, radish, snake beans, zucchinis and pumpkins. You can also try rosellas and sweet potatoes.

Garden maintenance is important during the hotter months as the grass tends to get a spurt on after the rains, so regular mowing and whipper snipping is a must.  

Our members are very proud of their garden and we have a wonderful group of enthusiastic people who work hard to keep our Community Garden looking neat and tidy.

Resting of the beds in preparation for next year’s planting is also important so as not to overwork the soil.

The HOG community is a friendly group who offer people in the Hills District the opportunity to grow vegetables using organic principles. Age is no barrier so feel free to come along one Sunday afternoon to have a chat and a look around our beautiful garden. Plus, our produce is shared amongst the members who enjoy taking home freshly picked veggies.

Members meet on a Sunday afternoon during the summer months from 3pm to 5pm. You will find us at 416 Bunya Road, Bunya next to the Off Leash Dog Park. Membership Fees per year are $15 for adults, $25 for family and $5 for Juniors. 

Visit, search The Hills Organic Garden on Facebook, or phone 0407 582 980 for information.

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