Gentlemen! Have you had your ‘Man Check’ yet?

We often hear the saying ‘Life begins at 40’,but does it really for our male counterparts? Even from the age of 30, men will experience a steady drop in testosterone and will more than likely start noticing some physical and mental changes a decade or two after their testosterone levels begin to drop. Some of these changes are outlined below:-

Physical Changes

Testosterone helps build muscle mass and improve bone mass and density. Therefore, men experiencing a drop in testosterone levels may notice a loss of muscle and even increased body fat. Many men will notice increased fatigue, decreased sex drive and sometimes hair loss.

Mental Changes

As with any hormonal changes, decreased testosterone levels can lead to mental and emotional shifts. Some men report experiencing depression and other mood disorders. Some may also experience a lack of mental clarity, irritability, and can find it harder to focus. 

“Unlike a woman going through menopause, testosterone in men will drop gradually over time. This means that the older a man is, the more likely he is to begin experiencing the above symptoms,” said Blaine Woods, Director of TerryWhite Chemmart (TWCM) Keperra Compounding pharmacy.

“Occasionally, men under the age of 30 will start experiencing some symptoms of low testosterone, which can be for a multitude of reasons. Tests are available to determine testosterone levels and there are treatments available.”

Currently, one of our local pharmacies, TerryWhite Chemmart (TWCM) Keperra Compounding pharmacy are offering mens health checks that include; BMI, blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol checks, with the added option of testing your hormone levels. These tests can help men monitor their health and show indications of low testosterone levels.

The TWCM Man Check is a standard health check with some additional questions and support material related to men’s health. The information offered is excellent and it is worth coming popping into the pharmacy just to get the brochure.

So take care of your most important asset – your health and book in for a Men’s Health check at Keperra Compounding Pharmacy TODAY! Call 07 3355 3905 for more information.

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