Get Good Results With Mulch

From the Mitchelton & Districts Gardening Club

James Herbst from Rocky Point Mulching is the guest speaker on 2nd May at the Mitchelton Garden Club meeting at the Enoggera Memorial Hall, at the junction of Trundle and Wardell Streets, Enoggera.  He will talk about mulches, soil conditioners and plant nutrients – everything to help the gardener attain good results.

The use of mulch is very important, it helps to retain moisture in the soil, retards weed growth and protects the ground from extreme temperatures. In recent years lucerne mulch was introduced and this is popular. James will have samples of different products to show the audience.

The vision of Rocky Point Mulching is to create a healthy way of life, and that company is passionate about partnering gardeners with quality products to grow fresh healthy food and to beautify this world for generations to come. Their products include all types of mulches, potting mix, growing media, sand, animal bedding and terra firma fertilizers, etc. 

April is the month to plant spring flowering bulbs. Pay particular attention to placing the bulbs at the correct depth in the soil.  If you plant ranunculi corms in small individual pots or punnets, they can be given special care until the leaves appear and you will be sure there are not spaces left in your display as you’ll  be able to put them in the garden where you want them.  It’s important to use mulch in between any new seedlings that are planted, and to give them shade until they become acclimatized. Keep a check on your citrus trees for gall wasp and citrus leaf miner. For these, prune away the affected areas and put it in a bag for the rubbish bin. 

This club meets on the first Thursday of the calendar month except January. There are vacancies for new members.  The hall is close to public transport and accessible by wheel chair.  For more information, please phone the president, Pat, on 3356 1256.  

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