Golf – The Game For Life In The New World

Considering a sport for your child to try? Is a team sport better than an individual sport?   

There are many choices to consider however golf is a wonderful option which can offer many benefits for kids which will ultimately have a major impact in developing positive habits that follow into adulthood. At Keperra Country Golf Club, we specialise in Junior Golf and run regular clinics during school term as well as one day Holiday Clinics, both of which represent a fantastic opportunity to see if golf is right for you and your children.  The Clinics are safe, supervised and take place after school hours and better still, no equipment is required – just a positive attitude and a big smile.

Here are our top reasons you and your children will enjoy golf at Keperra in 2022:


Kids make new friends out on the golf course, learning a new sport with others who have the same interest. Here at Keperra Golf Club we’ve seen friendships start as juniors and continue for well over 40 years.  

Safe: Golf is one of the safest sports that can be played in the new ‘COVID’ world. 

Fun & Addictive

The game of golf can appear incredibly structured and rudimentary, however our Junior Clinics are designed to be fun irrespective of the skill level.  Keperra Golf Club understands that the priority in learning the game is about having fun and enjoyment.  Our clinics have been tailored to prioritise this aspect at all time.

Teaches etiquette

There is no referee in golf, therefore players must govern themselves. For kids, this teaches them how to manage and play respectively, showing etiquette to other players and taking self-responsibility for their shots.

Skills that can be used for life: Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone, at any age, played with friends or family!

Affordable: A full golf membership for anyone under the age of 18 is $296 for 12 months of unlimited parent supervised golf. 


 “This is an exceptional, fun-filled program run by the dedicated and knowledgeable Keperra coaches for kids of all ages. Our 8 and 4 year old sons have enjoyed each session and improved their golf skills immensely over the last 2 years. We’ll definitely be back next year.”

Grant – Father of two KCGC Eagles

Dates to remember:

Term 1 Clinics – February 1st to March 24th (Registrations close January 25th)

Term 2 Clinics- April 26th to June 16th  (Registrations close April 19th)

Term 3 Clinics- July 19th to September 8th  (Registrations close July 12th)

Term 4 Clinics- October 4th to November 24th (Registrations close September 27th)

For more information pop into Keperra Country Golf Club, on Duggan Street, Keperra, call 3355 7744 or visit

You can also keep up to date with Keperra Country Golf Club on social media via Instagram or Facebook

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