Herbs for Your Health!

The Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club meets on Thursday 5th March at the Enoggera Memorial Hall in Trundle Street.   

The guest speaker at the meeting will be Debbie Aitcheson from the Chilli Patch at Minden and she will talk about he benefits of using herbs in cooking. One benefit that comes to mind is the intake of less salt in our diet because herbs enhance the flavour. Debbie has cooked using herbs at previous meetings and our members have enjoyed biscuits and other food prepared by her.  She may also bring some potted herbs to sell.

In February it maybe a bit uncomfortable to be outside for long in the garden so time could be spent on propagating to avoid the heat.  Layering is a satisfactory way for this time of year.  Just take a lower branch of a shrub you’d like to reproduce;  make a bend in it (enough to crack the stem) and then break the bark about 10cm from its extremity. Smear some cutting gel or honey over the broken bark then push the part that’s broken into the soil and anchor it down with wire loops or heavy stones.  Keep the soil moist and in about a month roots will be developing. Wait until you are sure the new plant is growing before cutting it away from the parent plant to grow in a pot or somewhere else.  If your parent plant has no branches close to the ground, a similar process called air layering may be used, but this time the fractured part is wrapped in a plastic covering containing damp coarse sand and moss (peat or spaghnam).

The club meets on the first Thursday of the calendar month after morning tea which is served at 9.45 a.m. Visitors and new members are most welcome.

There’s a lucky door prize, continuous raffle and plant table.  The hall is close to public transport and accessible by wheel chair.

For more information, please phone the president,Pat, on 3356 1256.

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