High Performance at Mount Alvernia

As a modern Catholic college, academics form our core business, but as one dimension in what comprises a holistic approach to education, and one aspect that may inform high performance. 

High performance is found in the rich experiences, relationships, and practices that encompass the day-to-day life of an educational institution.  It is these elements, that are not easily measurable, that give Mount Alvernia College its unique character.

Mt Aembraces its unique character through knowing its vision and purpose in enabling our young women to flourish and succeed.  Our academic faculty and support staff understand that, as a Franciscan institution grounded in Christ, we place relationship at our core.  We work to provide a safe educational environment where all within our community are provisioned with the opportunity to learn, connect, and ultimately thrive – an environment where students and staff work in collaboration to develop their curiosity, a passion for learning, and the ability to think.  It is through deliberate pedagogical practices and experiences that our young women reach their potential and excel. 

How do we know we have been successful in our pursuits?  Our Mount Alvernia graduates are strong, confident, independent, young women who embark on their desired pathways and make a positive contribution to society – evidence that the College is meeting its targets of high performance.

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