Hockey Season 2020 – Different / Good

Although the pandemic created great disruption for the whole community, including sport, the support that came from all levels and areas of government for Pine Hills Hockey Club has been huge, effective and appreciated.

Combined with background work done by volunteers, ongoing field maintenance carried out by council, funding for sanitisation supplies from the Qld Government and policy direction from the Hockey Associations, the club remained strong, viable, adaptable and safe. Members remained faithful in the knowledge that they would return to play the game they love following whatever guidelines necessary. What a joyous return, and the season was truly – different , but good!

When training finally resumed and play got under way the club almost did not need lights – the bright shiny happy faces of our players practically lit up the field! However, there was another surprise waiting…

Pine Hills Hockey Club successfully gained the sum of $50k, through the Moreton Bay Regional Council – COVID-19 Community Infrastrucure Revitalisation Grant. This allowed completion of the upgrading of field lights from halogen to LED and for the installation of a remote arming station (eSwitch).

Because of this grant, members will benefit from top quality lighting and more efficient power usage that will lower electricity costs and also allow for easier, safer access for volunteers when turning on/off the lights for many years to come.

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