Homemade Remedies for the Garden

from The Mitchelton & Districts Garden Club

It’s only a few weeks until Spring – 1st September of the calendar month. 

Already some shrubs and roses are producing new growth and the weeds are going crazy! Keep a watch out for Bindi seedlings in the lawn and remove them before the prickles in the centre begin to develop. Many years ago, a guest speaker gave members of this club some recipes for making remedies for garden problems. Here are some of them you might like to try.

All purpose insecticide to eradicate caterpillars, beetles, mites and other insects.

Roughly chop up 4 onions, 4 red chillies and 2 cloves. Add half a cup of Lux flakes or grated pure soap. Cover this with water and leave to steep for 24 hours. Strain off the liquid which is a concentrate, then dilute with 5 litres of water to make a spray to cover your plants. Use within 2-3 weeks as it will not keep. The strained residue can be put on the compost heap.

A spray for Scale, Aphids and Mealy Bugs

Mix well (use the electric mixer if required) 2 cups of Vegetable Oil and half cup of dishwashing detergent. Dilute 1 tablespoon of this with a litre of water and spray to get rid of Scale, Aphids and Mealy Bugs.

Fungicide for Powdery Mildew

Mix 1 part full cream to 10 parts of water then spray leaves of affected plants. This mixture cannot be stored so just mix enough for requirements.

Snail Repellent

Spread used coffee grounds or fine sawdust on the ground around plants as snails can’t glide over this type of surface. 

The Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club is making arrangements to resume monthly meetings on Thursday 3rd September at the Enoggera Memorial Hall on Trundle Street. Should anything occur to prevent this, the President will contact members. Potential visitors should phone 3356 1256.

A guest speaker, Barbara Beerling, has been engaged and she will talk about tropical diseases and pests in the garden. Barbara, who is a qualified Horticulturist, holds the position of President of Sub Tropical Fruit Club and Brisbane Co-ordinator for Heritage Roses in Australia. For 11 years she worked at Pevetta Museum and then for another 9 years at Nova Gardens at The Gap. She was also  a professional Rose Pruner for 30 years, looking after private gardens.

The meeting commences after morning tea, which is served at 9.45am. Visitors and new members are welcome, the hall is close to public transport and accessible by wheelchair.

While every precaution will be taken to comply with COVID-19 instructions at our meeting, it is suggested that those attending the meeting bring their own pen, cup and saucer to avoid delays.

For more information please call 3356 1256.

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