Horoscopes for March 2020

By Missy Rivers- Psychic Medium & Teacher

ARIES – This month you’re encouraged to re-evaluate your friendships and trim any fat in your social circles. A wonderful opportunity to explore and enhance your natural talents may turn into additional income. An exciting new connection will form mid month. Expect a welcome bout of motivation leading up to your birthday. 

TAURUS –  Self Love is the theme for you this month. Time to rediscover where your enjoyment lies. New ventures that support your value and bring in balance are especially blessed this month. Socially an expansion is overdue and will be rewarding, get out there. A passion project will provide an energy boost. 

GEMINI – March has an almost tunnel vision on the work front, with a focus on skills and higher learning. Make some time for Self-reflection and question what it is you want your personal life to look like. New ideas in all areas of life will flow. Re-evaluating the home environment based on family influences will settle. 

CANCER – Avoid financial investments this month, instead invest time in the new people and connections in your life. Ensure communications are crystal clear around the 9th. Getting your documents in order will benefit your plans for the next three months. A reinvigorate a dormant skill for added joy.

LEO – Brace yourself for changes around work unsettling things, but subsequently providing an opportunity for something new in a happier direction. Ensure your eyes are open to all financial movements around the 9th. Mid-month will have secrets come unveiled, prepare to explain. A family trip will be a wonderful adventure.

VIRGO –  Time to reassess your work situation and ask if you’re doing what you love? Ensure spare time is spent well or frustrations will bubble. Stay on top of health matters as they may take a hit this  month. End of month brings good news financially. Negotiations are set for a positive outcome.

LIBRA  – Start of the month brings unexpected news. Brutal honesty is called for and will be appreciated, creating a more intimate connection with close relationships. Get on top of your diet and make changes. Sorting out all financial matters that have been lingering are encouraged to be finalised by the 24th. 

SCORPIO – A new relationship or close friendship will blossom from the 5th. Couples may need space to avoid feeling crowded. Socially, a change is coming about moving towards quality over quantity. Mid-month creative and fun ventures will take priority. Good news is coming around work. Improvements to the home are in the works.

SAGITTARIUS – Ready to make a move! You’re being pushed to take a risk, now is the time! A new challenge in a career you love will come about after you take the leap. Time for that fresh start in all areas of life, especially exercise and health- make enjoyable changes and you can’t fail. 

CAPRICORN – An injection of romance is about this month, enjoy some flirtatious energy. Nurture your inner child and remember to laugh again, you’ll find that vitality you’ve been searching for. Professional development is supported with satisfying results. Discussions of a home change take the forefront. Make smarter decisions financially for better flow.

AQUARIUS – The restless feeling around the home situation appears to get more intense, pushing you to question your life’s direction, ask yourself the big questions. Financial matters will need a hands on approach to get in order. A possible side income from your talents is about. Re-prioritizing will be on your mind. 

PISCES – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Social outings and networking, forming connections with like-minded people will flourish and bring about much happiness. Travel plans may come undone early month. You’re encouraged to learn new practical things of interest. Understanding what you’re wanting will help you in the relationship aspect. Stagnant energy moves on with full speed ahead!

These March Horoscopes are brought to you from your local Psychic Medium & Teacher, Missy Rivers

W: www.MissyRivers.com     E: MissyRivers11@gmail.com   P: 0422 144 156

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