Horoscopes for November

Your monthly horoscopes brought to you by our local Psychic Missy Rivers


This month prepare yourself for a set back regarding your income or property. A change in the cosmos has you feeling a little drained, so ensure you prioritise how you spend your energy. A positive step forward in the career front feels long overdue- time to celebrate and enjoy.


Things are starting to finally slow down and give you a chance to catch your breath. This month is a perfect time to schedule in a holiday for yourself after a very busy year all round thus far. New beginnings are ushered in for personal relationships to take a positive direction.


There will be a big opportunity around communication and personal relationships, what haven’t you been saying? Now is the time! Speak up before Mid Month as miscommunications can easily occur after a retrograde change. News around a work change will be welcome as you’ve been getting impatient.


A harmoneous shift into intimate partnerships is brought in by Capricorn for you, a new era of understanding and connection is upon your reationships- enjoy the bliss. An exciting new creative project may be hard to resist this month, alongside with a lovely romantic energy- embrace both with open arms.


One step forwad and two steps back… A Feeling of frustration regards to efforts vs results, will be around your professional life this month, hang in there, efforts will pay off in the long term. A change or upgrade to the home situation is naturally blessed to be started this month.


A beautiful shift in the cosmos allows you to focus on home and domestic situations, bringing in new levels of understanding, finally settling the home space down for a more comfortable feeling. Ensure all family meetings and partnership chats happen prior to the 14th to avoid micommunications.


An exhausting battle surrounding finances or joint assets is wearing you down, The matter will continue this month with finally concluding by Dec. Jupiter’s shift in the cosmos, brings you a much needed spot of luck. Now is the time to think long term fiancial portfolio and action it.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A new era for Scorpios! This is a perfect time to invest in personal growth & self-discovery. The New moon encourgaes you to get started by turning a fresh page in life by 19th Nov. Close relationships are under pressure and are requiring action, while social interactions will blossom.


Feeling sluggish and trapped? That feeling will last a little longer I’m sorry to say- with attention needing to be placed on ensuring your workplace and health are where they ‘should’ be. The Full moon late this month brings about a welcome change in both areas, giving you that push.


You’ll be a social butterfly this month with an eagerness to compremise for those around you. A desire for harmony and laughter around you will have you ensuring everyone is happy. Frienships will play a key part in your life for the coming year and will help you through the ups & downs.


A matter around the home or close relationship will be frustrating as it’s put on hold until mid month. A change in the cosmos brings about a coming change to your public image very soon. Recognition at work is on it’s way. Expect a financial boost by end of the month.


A massive shift in the planets invites you to expand and explore both inward and outward. It’s time to experience new things through travel and learning, while soul searching what makes you tick? Let go of an old routine to allow yourself to fully embrace an exciting new era.

To contact Missy directly, email MissyRivers11@gmail.com or call 0422 144 156. Alternatively, visit the website www.MissyRivers.com   

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